Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox FAQ

See the Application FAQ if you prefer to update your maps using your phone


What is Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox?

Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox is a free, easy-to-use application that allows you to download/purchase and install available map updates or other content (POI) onto your navigation system.

Which operating systems are compatible with Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox?

Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or OSX 10.10 (or later). Please note that Toolbox requires a minimum display resolution of 1024*768 and 10 GB free space on your hard drive.

If you are using the OSX Catalina, please download and install the latest version of the Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox, that is compatible with your OSX. The previous Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox won’t start after OSX update Catalina.

How can I download Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox?

You can download the Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox installer from

How can I get the latest version of Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox? How can I update Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox?

Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox has a self-update feature, which prompts you to update it as soon as a newer version is available. If you feel uncomfortable using this automatic update method, please visit, and download the Toolbox again.

Toolbox registration/Log-in

I cannot create a Toolbox account with my email address.

The email address is a unique identifier of your account. If you cannot create an account with the given email address, please check whether you mistyped it (an email address must have ‘@’ and a valid domain name ‘’). It may also be the case that the given email address is already used. In that case please try to log-in and ask for a new password.

I forgot my password. What can I do?

If you forgot your password you can use the Forgot Password link in the Toolbox to recover your password.


What kind of payment methods can I use?

All major credit cards are accepted. Some examples:
Diners Club, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Visa Debit, Maestro, Discover, MasterCard Debit

Is the online payment safe in Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox?

The online payment system is operated by one of the world's biggest online payment processor companies, Ingenico Group. It uses https secure transmission data protocol. You provide your credit card data directly to Ingenico, the Toolbox does not receive or store any sensitive data. Ingenico informs the Toolbox if your payment was successful or not.

I do not have a debit/credit card for online payment. / I do not want to pay online.

At the moment online payment is the only accepted payment method. You may wish to visit one of the authorized dealerships to help you update your navigation map.

I mistyped the invoicing data or I need an invoice for a different name and address. How can I change the invoice?

According to the Terms and Conditions of purchase, invoice data cannot be modified after sending the order.

The map update process

What happens if the update or payment process is aborted?

If the process is aborted before payment, you must start the checkout process over again, all selected content will stay in your cart. If the update process is aborted after a successful payment, proceed with launching Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox to download purchased content from the internet.

How long does it take to download the updates?

The download time depends on your internet bandwidth. To download the content you purchased you need to have a broadband internet connection.

If I have more than one device, can I update both of them with the content I purchased?

No. Purchased contents can only be used on the device connected to the Toolbox at the time of the purchase.

Common Problems and Errors

I have purchased extra content, but it does not appear for my device, when I connect my USB storage device to the Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox.

Please contact our Customer Care Team, with as much detail as possible.

Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox gives me the following error: "An error occurred, please try again later"

This error may be caused by various issues, e.g the internet connection is down, the server is not responding, etc. Please try to connect to the Toolbox later. If the error persists, contact the Customer Care Team.

I am using  Mac and the Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox won’t start. What should I do?

If you have updated your OSX for Catalina, the Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox will work only if you delete the previous version of the Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox and download the latest one.

What do I need to pay attention at the first usage?

When using the Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox on Catalina macOS for the first time, an additional permission is required to allow the application to access files on your data carrier/device. Please allow this, otherwise the Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox won’t run anymore.

Can I change the application permission settings later?

You can set the application permissions anytime in System Preferences. Go to Security & Privacy > Files and Folders and tick the box next to Removable volumes under the Media Nav (Evolution) Toolbox application.

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